XXX-Sex-Erotic Flying CJ v0.4.00  


Only clean sites! No dirty java-tricks like popups, autobookmark, focus and size changing, etc. No dialers or any soft downloads. I will not trade with sites selling traffic via blinds right from thumbs or descs.

My site is not skimmed! So I require at least 65% skim, but 70% and more skim are preferred. Non skimmed sites are very welcome!

Contact me to be activated! All new trades are disabled by default, so I need to activate each trade manually. Mail me after registration: root!at!3xse!dot!com.

Niched trades are welcome! Since my site is multi-niched, I have tons of niched pages, so I can trade with niched sites too. Your traffic will be redirected to right niche page. You site will be listed at niched page with advantage.
Example, if you have a site, your traffic will be redirected to bigtits.html and your site will have an advantage at this page. You will trade mostly with bigtits.html.
One more example. If you have, your traffic will be redirected to stockings.html(or milf.html if you wish) and your site will have advantage at different pages. Basic advantage at stockings.html and milf.html of course, and small one at lingerie.html, pantyhose.html and may be tiny one at legs.html

Send hits only to the root! There is no any script at other pages like so your traffic will not be counted. Send the traffic to and its will be redirected to right page at my side.

Trade with multi-niched sites. If you have site with several niched pages, and the all pages counts traffic ok, I can setup different niched urls for your trade. So I will send niched traffic to your niched pages. For example, at my anal page, will be listed your anal url, at my milf page - your milf url. Of course, each niched url will have some advantage at relevant niched page.
You can send to my niched pages too. But do NOT send to static pages like! You must send to the root of the site, but you can choice page via 'to' parameter. For example, if you need milf page, send traffic to Your traffic will be counted ok and redirected to

Setup some forces. Since my site is not skimmed, I can not setup forces at all. All the sites listed depends its traffic. So if you need a stable trade, setup some small forces to be sure you listed anywhere at my side. 1/h forever is ok.